Are you ready to sell?

Are you ready to sell?

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If you are considering selling your home there are probably a number of questions that you have in mind. Questions like:

What will it cost me to sell my home?

Commission is always negotiable and our rate is very competitive. Other costs attributed to the seller:

Past taxes due and prorated taxes for the current year based on you current mill levy & assessment.

Closing Fee for the closer who conducts the closing ($150-$200)

Water Escrow to pay final water bill ($250 - balance to be returned after final bill paid)

Fedex Fee to pay off existing loan ($35-$50)

How much profit (or loss) do I stand to incur?

Contact Perfect Properties to do a Market Analysis. We will include information concerning the estimated value of you home and what fees will be deducted, leaving you with a rough estimate for what your house could sell for and how much profit, or loss you would walk away with.

How long will it take to sell my home?

Markets vary so it is difficult to determine how long it will take a property to sell. We work with you to really do everything that we can to get you the most money possible for your property. In some instances that can take some time and hard work to sell a property. In some instances it can happen quickly. We listen to our clients to try and work within their time frame and honestly advise our clients concerning the realities of the current market and what kind of time frame can be anticipated.

Should I put my existing home on the market before looking for a new home?

It is almost always a good idea to get your current property under contract prior to seriously looking for a replacement property if you need to sell that property in order to purchase another property. Your negotiating power is greatly expanded when you don't need to make a "contingent" offer and we will work with you diligently to ensure that you do not have to make two moves unless absolutely possible. Our knowledge concerning Denver neighborhoods and architecture are vital in finding the perfect replacement property in a timely fashion.

What if I find a house that I would like to buy before I sell my home?

If you do find a replacement property before your current property sells and you need to sell your current property in order to purchase the new property, you do have some options open. It is possible to make an offer "contingent" upon the sale of your current property. Another option, based on your financial qualifications, may be a "bridge loan" (a short term loan that bridges the gap between purchasing a new home and selling your current home. So don't worry you don't necessarily have to lose that perfect property, just because your current property has not sold. However, it is always preferable, from the stand point of negotiation is to sell your current property first.

Should I consider renting my home and keeping it, or should I just sell it?

Sometimes renting your current property can be a viable option to selling. If, because of a sluggish market, or to retain an important asset, you choose to keep your current property, we can help you to evaluate the pros and cons of becoming a land lord and the important factors to consider in making this important decision.

How much work do I need to do to get my house ready for sale?

Preparing a home for sale is crucial to a successful sale. Preparations can be taxing but the pay off can be substantial. Keeping in mind your budget, we will go through your home, room by room, to help you to prioritize and  prepare you for what changes will be necessary in order to sell your home for top dollar in a timely fashion.

See "Preparing your home for sale."

How are showings handled?

Perfect Properties employs a professional showing service to handle setting all showings. The seller sets the parameters for showings, what hours and limitations they want to put on when the property will be available for showings. The more available the property is the more qualified buyers will have the opportunity to cross the threshold and the quicker the potential for a successful sale.

What will I do with my pets/kids when I have showings?

It is impossible to avoid the inconvenience involved with selling a property. If there is ever a bad time for a showing, you will probably get a call that a showing is being set. The seller sets the parameters for showings so if there are hours during nap time when it would be a hardship to allow showing the seller can ask that showings not be set during those hours, bearing in mind that the more available the property can be, the quicker it's chance for a successful sale.  In instances where a lengthy showing window has been set, for example, a broker has set a showing form 2-4 in the afternoon, it is not necessary to leave the house for the entire period. It is a good idea to have the home ready to show and your shoes by the door so that you can slip out when you see the other agent approaching. Usually if you walk around the block it should be a sufficient amount of time for the showing to be completed. If the the perspective buyer is lingering in the home, be happy. They are most likely considering an offer.

As far as pets go, it may be necessary to consider boarding your pet or have a friend care for it during the time that your property is on the market.  Pets can be very distracting to perspective buyers. They also can create unpleasant smells in the home, causing the buyer to have unpleasant associations with your property. In order to capitalize on many sellers greatest investment, it might be worth considering temporarily removing pets from the property while it is on the market.

Should I leave my house when I have a showing?

Yes! Unless it would cause an absolute hardship it is always better for the seller to not be in the property during showings. You want the buyer to feel comfortable and begin to envision themselves in the property. That is difficult to do with the seller there.

What should I do if I owe more on my house than my house is worth?

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to sell your property but you owe more on the property than it is worth, you do have some options. It might be possible to rent your property and cover the mortgage payments on the property while you wait for the market values to increase. We can help you find a suitable tenant for your property and guide you through the intricacies of renting. Contact us for more information.

Another option is a "short" sale. In the instance of a short sale the sellers negotiates with the bank to accept a final payment on the property that is less than what is owed on the home. This is not a perfect process. It can be a lengthy process - 3 to 6 months sometimes for a final response, and it will still negatively affect the sellers credit score. However, it can be a viable alternative to foreclosure, which will have a greater negative impact on the owners credit. Contact Perfect Properties if you would like more information on short selling your property.

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