Up & Coming Neighborhoods!

Up & Coming Neighborhoods!

One of the questions we are most asked by perspective buyers and investors is "Where is the next hot neighborhood in Denver?"

Nothing is ever completely certain but based on our past experience we can reccomend a few up and coming neighborhoods. These are neighborhoods that are not as popular and widely know as the Highlands and Washington Parks of Denver - but might be one day in the future.

If you are looking to stretch a dollar and invest in an area with high potential for growth, these neighborhoods might be worth considering.



The historic Cole neighborhood is bursting with potential for growth. The neighborhood's location close to future lightrail routes and close to downtown and parks enhances the area's desireability. The abundance of unique period architecture at very affordable prices seals it. Cole has had a resurgance in the past five years with new busnesses opening, and renovations abounding. Prices in the Denver city limits are high and Cole is one of the few neighborhoods where a first time home buyer can buy a historic property for under $250,000 that isn't a shoebox. The neighborhood's value has shown marked gains over the past few years even during the struggling economy. On top of that Cole has a thriving neighborhood community. Flippers have flocked to the neighborhood to capitalize on the increasing values.

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Johnson & Wales Neighborhood


If you are looking for a remodeled brick home with a large yard in the Denver City limits for around $200 your choices are limited. If you need three bedrooms, a garage and two baths, you have even fewer options. The Johnson & Wales neighborhood may be worth a look. The boundaries are Montview to the South and Martin Luther King to the North. Monaco to the West and Quebec to the East. The area is directly to the west of Stapleton. This used to be a huge negative when Stapleton was an airport. Now that Stapleton is the nations lagest urban infill project, it is a huge positive. The neighborhood is also close to The Denver School of the Arts and Johnson & Whales University. There is an up and coming business district with shopping and dining at Onieda & 23rd. The lot sizes are typically sizable for the city limits. As you drive down the streets you can see the renovations taking place. It is a great alternative for first-time home-buyers who want to stay in the city limits on a limited budget or investors looking for good deals.

The neighborhood is bursting with potential.

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If you are looking for an affordable tight knit neighborhood where you can buy a California Contemporary, Harvey Park may be the neighborhood for you. This neighborhood boasts a strong neighborhood association and first- time home buyers have been flocking there, based on the affordability and strong Mid-century Modern Architecture.

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