Lowry Neighborhood

Lowry Neighborhood

Developed on the sight of the old Lowry Air Force Base, Lowry has been a thriving community since the first homes were introduced to the development in 1996. Home to the popular "Denver Home Tour" of 1997, Lowry was developed with a section of High End Custom homes. Today Lowry includes a wide range of housing, from affordable apartments, lofts and condos to opulent custom homes lining grand boulevards. Lowry was developed to be a premier urban infill project. Lowry boasts an abundance of beautiful parks, convenient shopping districts and highly rated schools. Residents of Lowry comment that they enjoy the convenience of their neighborhood and that it has almost everything that they need within a few blocks of their homes. The architecture is mostly traditional and portions of it pay homage to the neighborhoods roots as a air force base. Many of the buildings used as officer's quarters have been renovated and turned into apartments and single family homes and many of the new buildings have worked to match the existing brick architecture of the air force base. The area was originally marketed to urbanites looking to live close to the city, who liked the character of city architecture but were looking for more spacious homes with bigger closets.

Below is a list to useful links for more information on homes, shopping, dining and schools in the area , as well as useful community links.


Homes at Lowry

Homes for Sale in Lowry


Timbuk Toys - Lowry Town Center - fantastic toy store!

Salon Tobie - salon & day spa

Lowry Town Center- list of all of the shopping inthe town center


Seriouz Pizza & Italian

Salty Rita's Mexican Food

Moongate Asian Grill

Kassai Sushi

Lowry Tavern


Lowry Education Fact Sheet

Lowry Elementary School

Stanley British Primary School

Denver Montclair International School

The Logan School

Denver Academy of Torah

Machebeuf Catholic High School

Community College of Denver - Lowry Campus

Community Links:

The Lowry News

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