Mid-Century Modern


Modern Homes have become increasingly popular in the past few years. They can be found scattered throughout the Denver area. The most popular area for modern homes is Arapahoe Acres. This subdivision was recently named a historic district. It was developed by one of Frank Lloyd Wright's students, Edward Hawkins. Another popular area for moderns is Krisana Park, featured in 5280 magazine. Modern homes were primarily built in the mid 50's. They feature creative mixtures of materials, brick, block and frame. They often have flat roofs and clerestories. They have open floor plans and blend interior and exterior spaces to maximize space for entertaining and leisure.

During the Mid Century Modern period - also called the PostWar period (roughly 1945-1960) - designers predicted the shape of things to come. Designers, artists and architects revolutionized design and we still benefit from their imaginations today. The Mid Century Modern movement spawned the popularly accepted image of the atomic age we now live in. When we look to the past we can find our future. Although some of the ideas were far fetched - others were not so: talking cars, electrified homes, automated cooking and computers are all a part of daily life.
Lounge, Googie, Polynesia and classic Americana have stood the test of time and have all seen a Renaissance recently. T.V. commercials are filled with postwar images. NBC's Fraiser has an Eames chair in his living room and Target ads feature George Nelson - esque clocks. Vintage clothing has been incorporated into everyday wear.

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