Confessions of a Real Estate Professional

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Confessions of a Real Estate Professional


You can catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

As a real estate professional I always try to operate based on this philosophy and when I was trained as a Certified Negotiation Expert this philosophy was validated by the course teaching. In a competative market where multiple offers are the norm, your approach and reputation can make or break your transactions. If your tactic is the "bully offer" - trying to coherse a seller to accept your buyers offer through being aggresive and condescending, you may sometimes win in the short term, but you are affecting your long term reputation. Although you feel like you are doing what is in the short term interest of your clients, you are negatively affecting all of your buyer's chances of securing a property in the long run. If you maintain a good professional reputation, other agents will want to work with you, as opposed to dreading working with you. This will make your offers more attractive to listing brokers and their clients and can give you the professional edge you need to win out over the competition.


Denver needs inventory. Denver's inventory rate hit a 10 year low last December and the lack of inventory in the Denver Metro area does not show any substantial easing in the next year. This makes it a great time to sell property in Denver and a challanging time to buy. I have to admit that the current market appear to be pronouncing a condition in some real estate agents that is one of my biggest pet peaves "listing broker laziness".
It drives me absolutely crazy when I see signs of this crushing affliction.
Symtoms include:
Lack of pictures in the MLS
Pictures that look like the were taken under water
 Lack of Staging
Lazy Broker Descriptions
 Broker Remarks                         
All offers to Agent not Seller
Just because the market is good, doesn't mean that a little effort won't bring our sellers a higher price for their property, and isn't that our job as agents.

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