Love it or List it Denver

Do you need more space and can't decide

if it would make better sense to remodel and add on to your existing property

or sell your current property and buy a new one.

We can help!

Invite us over for a complimentary cosultation with two unbiased opinions.

Korin Haight licensed real estate agent with over 16 years of experience will provide you with a market analysis and realistic suggestions concerning moving up and what kind of new home would be possible to fit your budget and needs.

Toby Branch licensed architect with over 20 years of experience in architecture will provide you  with ideas concerning what the potential would be for adding on and or remodeling your current property and what a reasonable budget would look like.

Then you can decide if you would rather "love it or list it".

The meeting is a no obligation consultation to help you idenitify what the best move for you would be.

Call 303 359 1389 or 303 621 5952 to schedule

or email or


Contact Perfect Properties to set up a love "it or list it" meeting at 303 359 1389.


Contact Branch Architecture Studio L.L.C. to set up a "love it or list it" meeting at 303 621 5952.